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Welcome to the Auris Project.

At the Auris Project, we believe that the right information can change the world.


Founded in 2003, the Auris Project has helped make real change for marginalized communities. From the remote deserts of the Altiplano Potosino  and the Sierra Madre mountaintops of Mexico to the urban landscapes of San Antonio, Texas, the Auris Project has sought to empower communities with information, support, and connections.

Today, almost two decades after starting our mission, Auris is transforming from a direct advocacy organization into  an innovative, envelope pushing non-profit publisher.



 It's time for a new approach to   community journalism.  We share what we learn with marginalized communities across the U.S.


At Auris Books, we seek to find and publish fresh new voices with something important to say.


On the Evil Corp blog, we help shed light on societal threats that others seek to hide.



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